18 April 2010

White Tiger

This one should´ve entered a competition today, but is most likely to end in the garbage can. On a distance it may look ok, but up close it has LOTS of flaws, sediments, tiny airbubbles en masse, and it turbo-sweats! On top of that, the paint slides off leaving my sharp stribes muddy, and it just won´t dry up!
Fortunately this was one of my own projects, it would´ve killed me if it should´ve been for an occasion of any kind.
It´s a white cake with white chocolate ganace and chopped Marabou chocolate with candy-glazed sea-salt almonds.
I´ll go scrape off and toss the poor quality-fondant and then i think i´ll crumble up the whole thing and make truffles or something.

Update: Now THIS is more like it!! :)