28 October 2012

Next year...

-I´ll definately bake lots of these!

I used my basic cookie recipe, rolled a ball, marked the toenails with a teaspoon, added a few wrinkles with a knife, baked - and dusted with cocoa. It took like five minutes to shape 20 toes - i like :)

They flowed out a little in the oven, but i don´t mind - it makes them look like trolls toes! :)

23 October 2012

Halloween Pumpkin cake

This is an orange layer cake with light green vanilla/white chocolate filling. There are three cakes inside and it should feed about 20-25 persons. It´s rather big, the plate is 30 cm and it´s about 25 cm high. It is black as the night with no blings or sugar gizmos - just a plain ol´ pumpkin.

I absolutely loved making this and it looks quite awesome in real life :)

19 October 2012

I hear Licorice is the new black.......


-Or the new spice to add to almost any recipe, even rye bread!
I´ll settle for the meringues for now - and they are pretty tasty too :)
Especially dipped in milk chocolate....
And set in licorice sprinkles!!
Poor little things, they just had no chance. May they rest in...my tummy :)
Meringue recipe: 3 eggwhites, past. - 200 g confectioner´s sugar - 1 tsp licorice powder
Beat eggwhites to a thick consistency - add sugar and licorice - pour in a piping bag with a nozzle of your choice and pipe onto a baking sheet. Goes in the oven at 100dg for an hour.


15 October 2012


In RL this cake/dummy is so dark blue that it´s almost black. It looks almost velvet-ish. Real nice! I´m still on a roll with Eddie Spence´s Royal icing methods slowly moving over to slightly different designs - and loving every minute! -Even though my wrists starts complaining...

12 October 2012

Silvery Halloween

 Liking Royal icing! :) -Allthough, next time i think i´ll use
templates rather than a couple of needle-points here and there..
 The middle tier is made to look like a cast iron fence, i have this
really neat tip i never knew what to use for, but for this it was great!
 The dummy is painted with 100% edible silver from Rainbow dust - it
took one bottle, thinned with clear alcohol on a white cake, two coats.
 The shine! - I felt like i was decorating my cake-tins! 

 In daylight, at Sofisticake.

06 October 2012

More practicing..

I´ve been doing a lot of practice lately - learning by doing.

But i´m slowly getting there :)

Getting the hang on the topdesign

-But still a bit shaky on the sidedesigns.
Ok for starters i guess.